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13644376_10208938079756608_2110893437_nAziza! of Cheltenham are a group of dedicated semi professional dancers who have been together for over 12 years; with the odd line up change! We are trained by top dancers from UK and abroad and continue to add to our skills by attending workshops and lessons.  Our style is varied and we enjoy Egyptian baladi, ghawazee, saidi, as well as flamenco fusion and our latest venture, medieval fusion dancing under the name of Merrie Morgana.  Jane Claridge being the founder of the troupe is insured by MADN and teaches workshops and lessons in and around the area.  Aziza! are available for fetes, haflas, shows, restaurants, family parties and charity events.  Enjoy looking around and get in touch! 17504632_1274385702615098_4391075616682445470_o13118953_1009395275780810_4986137199539099074_n13442591_1038670159519988_7222100863437789023_o








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