Aziza! 2018 Gigs

Saturday 5th May – Upton Folk Festival

Aziza! will be performing hopefully on the nice decking! Times to be advised.  It’s a very laid back affair and we will be dancing at various spots during the day.  So come along meet the troupe, and have a great day! There are plenty of stalls and pubs to delight you all plus loads of morris dancers and some tribal belly dance too! See you there!


Saturday 19th May – Rorke’s Drift Rally 2018

Aziza! will be entertaining with a mixture of rock and belly dance during the afternoon.  Times TBA.  This is an amazing event, very different and we are delighted to have been asked again.  Check out the FB page for all the details.


Saturday 21st July – Boondocks Festival

Negotiations are underway for Aziza! to be included in the line up for the show by the dance tent.  Check the page for details.



Saturday 8th September 2018 – Newent Onion Fayre

Aziza! are delighted to be asked to entertain for another year at this amazing event.  It’s one of our favourite gigs and we are so looking forward to it! It’s a great event and not even the rain can spoil the fun (not that we want any this year!) So come along and have a great day.


26th-28th October 2018 – Celebrating Dance

This year Kara will be teaching two workshops as well as dancing in the teachers show.  Aziza! will be performing in the delegates show too.  If you are a dancer you will love this weekend.  All the details on the website, just follow the link.








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