Fey  (Wendy Blair) has been a dancer ever since she can remember. Her earliest memories of dancing were at her Mum’s friend’s house when she was about 3 and she would dance for everyone while the piano was played.  Her mum enrolled her for ballet lessons not long after, but Fey had too much Isadora Duncan in her soul for that and they only lasted about 3 years!17203029_1259099844126904_21735575602211579_n

Over the years, Fey has done gymnastics and then came back to ballet in her 20s for a few years and then started a family.

Fey discovered belly dancing after her first two children were born, and has never looked back. Having had another two children Fey juggled being a Mum and a dancer; dipping in and out of the belly dance scene for several years.    She first learned with Hazel Kayes in Gloucester and then with Claire Eden in Berkeley where she got a taste for performing.

Fey loves all Middle Eastern styles and enjoys learning new ways to move her body. If there’s a workshop going from a visiting teacher, you can be sure that Fey will be there!

The inclusiveness of the belly dance community is something that Fey really loves: it doesn’t matter what your size or age just go and shake what your Mama gave you!13466507_1031345086902382_4895012301082447875_n






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