Jane Claridge aka Kara

I have been dancing for approx 16 years.   I started lessons with Hazel Kayes over in Tewkesbury in a humble scout hut and never dreamed that one day I would have my own troupe, perform live and teach others!  I teach workshops and give private lessons.  Weekly lessons are planned when I have more time!


My style is predominately Egyptian and  I  have a passion for Saidi and Ghawazee!   I love the gypsy style and the use of the skirt as a prop.  I dance with veils, finger cymbals, stick and sword.  I attend as many workshops as I can, and have been trained  by Ozgen, Wendy B, Afra al Khaira, Vashti, Morocco, Dondi, Yvette Cowles, Melissa Abraham, Di Cox, Hazel Kayes, Maureen Pembleton, Maria d’Silva and many more!  I have also had workshops with some of Egypt’s top stars and continue to learn and attend as many workshops as I can.

I pay great attention to detail and always stress the importance of technique, as well as performance and presentation skills.


The troupe is the best, and we work so well together.  We’ve had a few line up changes over our 11 years together, and we would ideally like two more members as we want to do our own shows in the future.  We all have a hand in our choreographies and come up with some great ideas.  We love new challenges and exploring new styles and music.

Middle Eastern dance is the best thing I ever took up and I would encourage anyone to do the same.  The dance is for all ages, sizes and shapes and can be very beneficial physically and mentally.  It improves self-esteem, posture, muscle tone and keeps you supple and mobile.  Costumes are of course everyone’s passion and I confess to owning rather a lot. But you can never have too many!

Happy dancing!


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