Paula aka Amber

I have been dancing since I was a tot, learning Ballet, Modern, Tap, and National Folk dancing, dreaming like every dancer does about making it, I was one of the lucky ones, that had landed a dream job working as a professional abroad in La Scala (Barcelona, Gran Canaria) and touring with Barross Productions, but that was many moons ago now. 2009

After meeting my husband, settling down and starting a family, with our 2 girls, I started to want an interest for myself, a friend had suggested that we could attend a Belly dance class, I had done a bit of wiggling with Belly dancers in Tunisia and Turkey after a few drinks, and thinking back to those party nights I was up for it.

When I attended my first lesson with Claire Manigrasso, she had made the dance fun and inspired me to take up this wonderful dance. I also started performing in her troupe the Cleo sisters.

I also starting Attending Jane Claridge’s lessons, learning new steps, new styles, and pushing myself further, and realising Belly dance is actually quite difficult, Jane has kept me interested in Belly dance and that’s quite an accomplishment as I do tire of things quite easily, I guess that’s the sign of a Sagittarius. I have progressed a lot over the years, thanks to Jane’s teaching.

I was invited to join Aziza of Cheltenham, who I have danced with now for 5 years and love performing with them. It’s great to be involved with such a wonderful troupe, were a bunch of good friends and we have a lot of laughs.

Belly dance is so different to what I have done before, your always learning something new; I try to attend as many different workshops as I can, Maria d silva, Nikki Livermore, Melissa Abraham, Di cox, Lynne Chapman, Ozgen, Yvette Cowles and many more.

And the beauty of this dance is you can dance this style at any age, so I expect to keep shimmying for quite a while yet.


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