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My name is Sarah Hilton aka Sura. I have been dancing since 2007, I was inspired watching Shakira and thought “I want to learn to do that”. I started lessons with Jane (Kara), really enjoyed it and eventually joined the troupe, my first gig being in Pershore where I had to wear a costume that covered everywhere but my face – a caving accident had left me covered in bruises!

I enjoy dancing to “all sorts” of music and with teaching and support I am now proficient enough to write choreographies. I have written and performed to Slayer and Michael Buble tracks, and co-written dances with other troupe members. In the troupe I am known for my good memory of choreographies and wild curly hair. I enjoy performing and like to “give back” and dance for charitable causes. Animals are another passion – being vegan I avoid use of props which contain animal by-products so no silk veils for me and I have used an Arsenal scarf in place of a feather boa on occasion. I do support Arsenal – hence the glum face at times.

In my spare time I like to cook and potter in the garden. I enjoy keeping fit and like to get out cycling, if you see me at one of our gigs and I am sitting a dance out it is usually as I have injured myself falling off my bike or something similar.






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