“Could you update your web info, please,” was the request one day. What’s wrong with the blurb that’s already there?   It told you about me and how I came to belly dance but come to think of it, that bit of the story is about 10 or 11 years old now.  I’ve said how I’ve grown to like the music and how much sparkly stuff I’ve bought over the years. What else?

Well, what’s new? Not a lot, really.

Sparkly stuff at souks still catches my eye, as do sparkly things in charity shops, sales, jewellers’ windows…. I think I may be part magpie.

Learning new choreographies is still a challenge. “Do that again….. now from the back.”  “Was that your right or your left?”  For me, learning is by rote; there is an Arabic saying, “Repetition teaches the donkey”.  Hee-haw!13269291_1038645319522472_9149627306876490175_n

I still don’t like dancing in the front, much preferring the anonymity of the back row.

I still get very inspired to write choreographies to favourite bits of music but still get thwarted by a lack of imagination.

Although bellydance may have fallen in popularity over the years, taken over by salsa, zumba or whatever the latest fad is, there is still a dedicated core of dancers. There are still workshops and classes to attend and invitations to dance at local (and not so local) events; even a private function or two.

There are still haflas to enjoy, dancers to admire and choreographies to marvel at. There are still, occasionally, some to wonder at but I still have to remind myself that it’s alright sitting in the audience being critical, but they’re up there doing it!17358591_1274387252614943_3475632565225950451_o

One thing that did change over the last year was me. Or at least, my shape.  Inspired by one of the other troupe members, I joined a weight watching cult and lost two stone in 12 months. However, winter months were very testing – all that lovely winter comfort food and a reluctance to get out to the gym on a wet dark night meant that a little bit of weight crept on.  I didn’t fall off the wagon entirely but one leg was trailing. However, the lighter nights brings a new resolve to get back on track and to the gym more regularly.

I know there is a lot of reaction against thinking size matters, we are all goddesses after all, but I do feel better, my health has improved and those sparkly costumes fit better.

So, all in all, not a lot is new. But what’s wrong with that? I’m still dancing, still learning and still enjoying!






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